Good Church Graphic Design is good business.

Ever needed a new look or feel for your logo? Or needed a fresh perspective on your branding?  Well at Fellowship Media we understand that how a business or organization presents itself will be how it is perceived!  Branding is one of the #1 reasons for successful business structures.  Your image and church graphic designs work should be a representation of what your company, product, or service provides to the general public.  At Fellowship Media, our graphic designers specialize in creating eye catching designs that will appeal to your audience.  Whether your needs require a simple brochure or an extensive marketing campaign for print, our designers will far exceed your expectations of creative feel and quality.  Our church graphic design projects range from book covers to magazine layouts, and anything in between.  If you need it, we can design it!

 What we do, and so much more…

  • Flyer Design
    Our flyer designs are both stunning and powerful marketing material for your product or service.
  • Brochure Design
    We take great care in showcasing your businesses products or services with our brochure designs.
  • Logo Design
    We go to great lengths to ensure your logo design is creative, professional or exciting.
  • Business Card Design
    Enhance the way your clients perceive you and your business through our business card designs.
  • Stationary Design
    We make your desk speak identity with creative stationary design.
  • Web Banner Design
    Turning your website’s banners into powerful and standout marketing material.
Helping your product perform at it’s maximum potential.

So, you have a product or service that you know can sell? The key to actually selling it and getting you the results you expect, lies within the quality of your marketing materials. Nothing will put a customer off more than poor marketing material, your product may be great, but it won’t sell. Good marketing materials that fill your target audience with confidence and that make an impression, will help get the most out of your product. The combination of understanding your product or service and creating effective marketing materials that help sell it, is a skill that requires good church graphic designers with a good understanding for marketing. At Fellowship Media, we have the ideas and the skills to sell your product or service.

Ensuring each design is creative.

Being creative and what makes something creative are two different things. To be creative, is to explore and do things that inspire creative ideas. Creativity is a slow process and can never just happen, we go through our own processes to help us be creative. If something is creative, it is aesthetically speaking appealing, unique, special and different.

By showing you an understanding of how we ensure your project is creative, we hope you understand the skills needed to fuel success in your brand. The ability to experiment, to value and learn from mistakes, and build on the experience achieved is the hallmark of a the truly successful and creative individual. As university graduates our knowledge and know how in the field of research can be heavily related to our design processes:

Our research driven approach to being creative designers.

1. Project Preparation

Studying of customer provided examples, research into competitors marketing material and your brands market and key audience.

2. Information Gathering

Experimentation with materials and visual ideas that we have already worked with and trying out new ideas.

3. Project Hypothesis

Identifying and planning of each segment of the design followed by the identification of possible design problems through visual analysis and past experience in marketing.

4. The Design

By research and developing our project hypothesis, we can then move onto the actual design of the project.